ATTENTION: Do NOT Attempt Another Diet or Weight loss

Program until you've Tested our PROVEN Formula



Don't take our word for it though. 

Listen To What Our Members Say…




 Dear Frustrated Dieter,


Did you know, it's now PROVEN that long periods of boring cardiovascular exercise produces very poor

(& in many cases) non-existant weight loss results? 


So if you've been pounding the treadmill, doing back to back gym classes or attending a weekly class of zumba

 …now you know why that fat ain't shifting. (these are all forms of cardiovascular exercise)


Poor Exercise choice isn't the only culprit to the war on fat!


Fad diets that include meal replacements, pills, restrictive calories counting don't work long-term either

(but you already know that right?).


In-fact 90% of them are actually making you FATTER!


…It doesn't have to be this way.


Our Suggestion…

Ditch the cardio.

Ditch the low fat foods.

Ditch the meal replacements.

Ditch the extreme low calorie diets.



Choose REAL Foods.

Choose Functional Movement Training.



CHOOSE the …

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The Fit4Life Project is NOT just another fad diet.


It's a program based on science, research & years of PROVEN results.



How the Fit4Life Project Compares?



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Reminder of why our program is called the unstoppable fat loss formula..


You Burn FIVE hours worth of calories in less than 45 minutes.

No need to do long bouts of boring cardio or back to back classes at the gym.


You have 20 of the most enthusiastic and motivated workout buddies,

Having like minded people who are also keen to make this a lifestyle choice is ESSENTIAL.


Simple, EFFECTIVE workouts designed SPECIFICALLY for Fat loss and increased fitness.

Regardless of your size, ability or shape you will melt fat, get rid of stress and turbo charge your energy levels with the

one of a kind routines.


You take part in the ONLY program of its type that GUARANTEES RESULTS OR your Money Back!!!

Instead of the classes being a random selection of exercises, or just jogging around the streets, the format means you stay together and enjoy the workout regardless of your ability, and everyone benefits from a fantastic fat burning workout.



Apply here ==> for our next Weight loss Group


guarantee sutton



It's YOUR Choice in 28 Day's from now you could be:


  • A Month Older
  • Possibly a few pounds heavier
  • Lack in energy even more
  • & god knows how much more unhealthy 


OR you can choose to be…


  • Up to a Stone Lighter
  • A clothes size slimmer
  • & 28 Days closer to your goal


Its you're choice. As the saying goes,"If nothing changes, nothing changes".  












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