Experience Week


Leading Weight loss Solution

Has Men & Women Buzzing about their






Does ANY of this sound familiar?


– You feel sluggish, irritable and exhausted 

all the time…



– Your favourite jeans are hanging in your 




– You want to take an hour back for yourself 

to exercise, but don’t know what the best form of

exercise is?



– You want your family to eat healthily but are SO 

confused by what you should anshouldn’t be eating?



– You've tried dieting before but it only worked for a 

short time 



– Every time you try & lose weight it just seems to take



You're Not Alone


Infact this is EXACTLY how most of our members felt

BEFORE they discovered a far EASIERless stressful way of

losing weight, that doesn't require drastic calorie restriction

or potions & powders.


Our members found out…


It doesn't have to be this way


The Fit4LIfe Project is not just a weight loss solution BUT

an education of HOW to lose weight & keep it off…for life!


Now we understand how daunting it can be when starting out.


Try before you buy


Thats why before you even make a decision to join us we offer

all newbies an opportunity to experience the type of results our

members get.


We call this our experience week.


By claiming a spot on our next experience week and following our

Unstoppable Fitness and Fat Loss System for just 7 days,

you will:


Screen Shot1













Click ===> here and we'll send you the application form 

along with the dates of our next experience week



 Check out what Experience week INCLUDES:


– 3 X Fat Burning Fitness Workouts (WORTH £30)


– Your 7 Day NUTRITION Manual (WORTH £10)


– Free 1-2-1 Coaching Call (WORTH £47)


– Access to Private ONLINE Members site

AND Support/Community Site (WORTH £20)


– 7 Day Fit4Life Education Series Uncovering the Science behind

our AMAZING Body Transformations (WORTH £30)



TOTAL VALUE: £157-00

Our Price: £30-00 

Early Bird Discount SAVE 66% 

(£9-99 instead of £30.00)


Click ===> here and we'll send you the application form

along with the dates of our next experience week



(YES £157 of value, for a ridiculous…£9.99 if you're quick!)


Here are some typical comments from our members who have

been on our experience week…

Screen Shot 2013-07-23 at 09.15.12



Click ===> here and we'll send you the application form 

along with the dates of our next experience week



We can't wait to get you started, working towards the body you deserve!







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