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Trudi Jessiman's AMAZING TWO stone LOSS in JUST 10 WEEKS



Jo Dalziel

I have completed 3 Fit Camps over the past 18 months, two evening, one morning,

I would highly recommend either. I am not very motivated when it comes to exercise

and would go so far as to say I really don't enjoy it, any of it! However this style of exercise

suits me perfectly. Matt and his trainers are excellent motivators, the sessions are varied

and the time really does fly!


I have seen amazing results, the first evening boot camp

I did I also followed Matts Beach Body Diet Plan and lost 10lb.


I got back into my pre-pregnancy jeans!!!


The second was to get fitter and keep the weight off, it worked!!!

This time I chose to do the morning camp after having a baby just 12 weeks previously,

my aim, to get in my pre-pregnancy jeans. I loved the morning boot camp!


I have a 5 year old as well as the baby and the morning sessions allowed me to exercise

before the rest of the

family were up, I even managed to get in, shower and have breakfast before they woke!


Perfect, as it was time for me without interrupting family life. Result, I didn't lose any weight

this time BUT I am typing this while wearing pre-pregnancy jeans so I am happy, my aim

was yet again achieved! In conclusion I would like to say I find Matt very personable, friendly,

professional and he really knows his stuff.


Matt and his team are always around to answer

questions and allay concerns, I would readily advocate the Fit4Life Project to anyone.  


Shirley Barritt

I Just wanted to say thank you so much for all the help you have given

me getting to where I am today weight wise and fitness.  Just over two

years ago I was 18 stone 9lbs (I don’t do kilos). Over the years I’ve done

many diets faddy ones, Weight Watchers, Atkins, you name it I’ve done it,

managed to lose a couple of stone then you know how it is, put it back plus

a few pounds. 


When I started I weighed 10 ½ stone and sitting on

my bum all day for 15 and half years obviously wasn’t good for me!


I know I eat too much portion wise but I have always cooked from scratch,

although not always the best


I wasn’t going to be fat and forty (still was) or frumpy

at fifty (still was)  I would say I want to be a slim 60 but I want to be there

long before then!!!!!!!!!


Since doing Boot Camp I started to exercise more,

had more energy, get up early to walk the dogs but again my diet,

although was better, still wasn’t good enough.  


Along came your Beach Body diet this time, I have tried very hard to stick to this diet

for this last boot camp, and lots of people have said now how much better

I look now, I weighed myself this morning and am 14 stone 2lbs, I’ve struggled

the last two weeks again, don’t seem to be losing what I think I should be living on

lettuce leaves etc. but I am sticking to it and intend to for the foreseeable future.  



I don’t suppose you remember but on the first boot camp I could just about manage

3 burpees in the time you allowed and you know I couldn’t even do a press up. 


I have progressed to plank on my toes, nearly 2 minute plank last night  (with a bad back),

that’s good for me – even I was impressed!  Not quite got the press ups but I do try to get

the shoulders right down (Gosh that hurts) and I will endeavour to get on toes by the end of the year. 


Anyway I just wanted to say I appreciate all the help and I think

you are fantastic, you’ve had your own very serious problems but you have always come

across extremely positive and a fantastic advert for a PT, you should be very proud of yourself,

I am proud to call you my Boot Camp Instructor.  If I don’t manage to come back in the next

few weeks I will definitely be back next year!  


Janet Kell

I thoroughly enjoyed my Fitcamp with trainer Matt Sutton. 

Matt had a huge range of body toning exercises which although some were a

challenge, they were also fun and enjoyable and I have been able to include new

and effective exercises into my fitness regime.  He also worked on cardio vascular

fitness levels, giving fitness assessments at the beginning of the Fitcamp and then at the end.


The results were easy to measure and were very impressive.  One thing I said to him was

'no jogging', but, yes, we jogged and because I followed his instructions and advice I did well

and actually really enjoyed it. 


Matt is a brilliant trainer, he fills you with enthusiasm, he makes

you believe in yourself and his support and encouragement keeps you going just that little

bit further. Perhaps my results will confirm all that I have said – Over the 5 days of Fitcamp

I lost 8.8lbs weight loss 3.1" loss from waist 1.2"loss from hips – taking my waist to

hip ratio from high to low risk for heart attack/strokes A loss of 2% body fat And a drop in

BMI from 27.4 to 25.7 And more energy and a solid sense of achievement.


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